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The new season of programme offerings is now on-line. The C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario has made the transition to fully electronic communications, which means that if you want to save a copy, or print, our Public Education Programme bulletin, you may need Adobe Reader on your computer. 

Our office is located in the lower floor of the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto.  Do come by and visit us when the library-office is open on Thursdays. Staff may also be there on other days, so do call or email ahead to see if another time can work for you.


Featured events

Seminar/Discussion Group in Hamilton, Ontario

Seminar in Hamilton

Jane Smith-Eivemark
Fairy Tales
Sep. 27, Oct.25, Nov. 22, Dec. 6, Jan. 24, Feb. 28, Mar. 28, Apr. 25, May 23

Fairy tales have captivated the imaginations of human beings around the world for generations. They are symbolic stories that contain universal themes which offer healing insight about dynamics of the psyche. Fairy tales convey essential wisdom about psychic realities such as recovering from loss, learning to start anew, as well as helping us to see some of our human frailty and strengths. Using nine fairy tales as a springboard for discussion, the group will explore what they tell us about navigating the psychological journey toward a more authentic sense of self. The first session will be structured to understand more of the Jungian approach towards a fairy tale.

Minimum number of participants: 3. Maximum number of participants: 8

$225 IN ADVANCE for the series. must register for series
Or register and pay by mail.


Seminar in Toronto

Donna Morrison-Reed
Basic Principles of Jungian Psychology
Sat., Oct. 1, 29

Session One will deal with the concepts of ego, shadow, persona, and Self; Session Two with the contra-sexual (anima and animus) as well as the central concept of individuation.

$50 IN ADVANCE for the series; $30 PER SESSION AT THE DOOR
Or register and pay by mail


See all Lectures, Seminars and Workshops