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Welcome to the home of the C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario on the World Wide Web.
The new year of programme offerings is now on-line. From this year, we are making the transition to fully electronic communications, which means that if you want to save a copy, or print, our Public Education Programme bulletin, you may need Adobe Reader on your computer. 

We seem to have made a flawless transition to our new home downtown in the lower floor of the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto. Do come by and visit us when the library-office is open on Thursdays. Staff may also be there on other days, so do call or email ahead to see if another time can work for you.

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Lecture at 14 Elm

Graham Jackson
The War on Eros SOLD OUT
Fri., May 22

Jung wrote, “Where love reigns, there is no will to power; and where the will to power is paramount, love is lacking.” (CW7, par. 22) A simple, verifiable statement, we might say, but what happens when the will to power through several seductive guises such as fashion, social media, and so-called technological superiority threatens the very existence of that “questionable fellow”, Eros. This lecture explores his struggles for survival in a society increasingly addicted to one-upmanship and celebration of sentimentality.




See all Lectures, Seminars and Workshops