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Chiron is a newsletter that exists to support the work of the C.G. Jung Foundation of Ontario. It was established in 1980, and has existed in electronic form since 2006. Its name and masthead image, adopted at that time, are drawn from ancient Greek culture. In Greek mythology, Chiron was the last centaur, a son of the titan Cronus. He was famed for his wisdom, knowledge and skill at deciphering the will of the gods, to healing effect.


Volume 32, No. 2 Spring 2013

Editor: Robert Black

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We apologize for the outward appearance of invisibility!  Two great themes – one might well say, two “once in a lifetime” matters – have preoccupied analyst-members since the last issue of this newsletter.  

The first issue was the future location of our office, library and meeting places, and it has now been resolved in an outstanding way. (See below.) We did not choose to move, but the sale of our premises to developers forced a change. So a small committee drawn mainly from the Board of Directors has endlessly followed up leads and inspected many possibly premises, until our new accountant provided an essential link to the story below.

Our new location – the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto – offers us friendly landlords, staff and neighbours in their charming late-Victorian building, which in itself is a veritable shrine to the soul. It’s within a short walk of the subway and a host of good restaurants, and contains ample space for our office-library and for meetings and classes.

The other matter promises to absorb our attention for some time, so if outwardly we seem to be inactive that will likely be the explanation.  It is the sheer work – notably focus of ideas and generation of text – relating to the new regimen for “psychotherapists” (as analysts are henceforth to be classed in Ontario law) within our province. Registration procedures seem more or less to have been sorted, and now we are engaged in obtaining recognition of the sufficiency of our training programme within the province.

The devotion and effort of those working on these projects, and what is becoming the outstanding results of that process, deserve to be shared with a wider audience. In the meantime, do please bear with us and our apparent invisibility!

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New Digs

Arts and Letters Club

Left to right: Jean Connon Unda (Treasurer CGJFO), Roger LaRade (President, CGJFO), Fiona McKeown (General Manager, A&L Club of Toronto), Richard Moorhouse (President, A&L Club of Toronto), Bill Buchanan (Treasurer, A&L Club of Toronto).

On May 16, Roger LaRade, president of the C.G. Jung Foundation of Ontario, together with treasurer Jean Connon Unda, signed a five-year lease with the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, represented by those in the photo accompanying this note. Our office and library will be housed in a spacious room on the lower level of the club, much more easily accessible than our old space. As our needs require, we will be renting other spaces in the club for our activities.

Our welcome was very warm, and we anticipate a long and happy collaboration with like-minded souls. One of the many advantages of the Club is that it has an in-house catering service. Members can take a look at the facilities here: http://www.artsandlettersclub.ca/.

Henceforth our CGJFO/OAJA office address is 14 Elm Street, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1G7. Our expectation is that our telephone numbers (office and fax) will remain the same.

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Office and Library closure

A direct consequence of our move is that during the month of June, our old premises at 223 St. Clair Avenue West will be closed to normal business.  Books can still be returned through the slot in the door during weekday business hours. 

In the meantime, our many files and books, and what can be accommodated of our furniture, will make a move down to Elm Street.

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Farewell to 223 Event

We had wanted to have another “Burning Issues,” as indeed we’d promised in the last Public Education Programme brochure. But life and events took over, and we had to cancel it in anticipation of our announcement.

Now we have a substitute opportunity to get together one last time as a community in our old space, before starting a new era downtown!

Come to a farewell/celebration ritual at 223 St. Clair Avenue West, remembering the forty-some years we have been there. We invite you to get together with us on Saturday, June 8th, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

This is an informal event, and you can expect to be surrounded by boxes and at least some emptied space. No words of wisdom and insight are planned, although they are welcome to emerge; and who knows what kind of food there might be? But there will, at least, be some wine and a smudging in the company of friends.  

If you know former members of the C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario who might be interested in this event, do by all means invite them to come along. Of course with uncertainty about numbers there is always the potential to wreak havoc with our catering, whatever it might be. The intent is to make welcome all who come, so if ever there was a time to be “cut some slack,” surely this is it!

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Editorial comments

The items above are sufficient explanation, perhaps, for the non-appearance of two issues of our newsletter.

Material for this newsletter is generated by volunteers, who produce when they have the oomph and when they feel so moved. That energy seems to have been somewhat unavailable recently, and we have had to respect that fact. There is simply nothing else that can be done.

We’d love to have more member profiles, and articles of any nature from members. Please be in touch if you find yourself able to help .

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The C.G. Jung Foundation’s members and friends are very welcome to submit pieces for publication in Chiron. We would particularly welcome short articles (under 1000 words) on archetypal material, and very short (under 500 words) “book notes” and film reviews. Longer pieces can be negotiated, especially if serialization is possible.

We very sincerely promise that our responsibility to cast an eagle editorial eye over these submissions will be lightly and not impertinently applied, and that you will see beforehand any results of our meddling; so that the full essence of your insights and the character of your “voice” is kept safe and sound in the published version.

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