Your commitment, attendance and donations
sustain and enhance the work of the
C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario


The purpose of the C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario is to promote interest in and study of the work of C.G. Jung through the distribution of literature and the holding of educational lectures, public meetings, classes, exhibitions and conferences. The foundation expresses this purpose through an educational programme offered to the public from September to May annually. Local analysts volunteer their insights through a wide variety of offerings and, occasionally, visiting analysts can be encountered there as well.

Our undertaking is also visible in the office we rent and part time staff on the lower level of the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto, where we also maintain a comprehensive collection in the Fraser Boa library, most of which is available for members to borrow.

As always, we do the best with the resources we have available, but with sufficient support we can do much more. There are many projects we’ve only been able to dream about.  The greater the resources we can allocate to this work, the greater will be the results!


Any donation to the C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario is tax deductible and would be very gratefully received. The CGJFO is a registered charitable institution, and its receipts are accepted for tax purposes by the Canada Revenue Agency. In addition, some corporations match their employees’ charitable gifts. Consult the Human Resources department of your company to see if it has a Matching Gift programme. If so, please fill out their Matching Gift form and bring or send it to the Foundation with your contribution.

You can donate online, either through a one-time gift or through a regular monthly donation via PayPal and credit cards. Cheques should be made payable to The C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario, 14 Elm Street, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1G7.

If you wish to donate all or part of the value of a security to the Foundation, there may be ways of doing that with advantageous income tax implications to you. We would encourage you to consult your attorney or financial professional.

Inquiries can be made via email to Catherine Johnson, our part-time administrator, at


You may wish to consider the C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario when developing your estate plan. Most of us, given the opportunity, would like to leave a lasting legacy to the future. It helps the soul to ensure that the things we have found important continue to endure, and if it may be, to flourish. A bequest can help your estate acquire a tax deduction while requiring no effort or cost to your survivors. Regulations governing this area are subject to change, so please consult your accountant or tax professional about the benefits to your estate of making the Foundation a beneficiary.

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers help the office staff with administration of classes, seminars and workshops. More challenging positions may also be available. Please contact the office if you have the energy and enthusiasm for volunteering.


Remembering the Foundation
in a special and concrete way
honours the fact that
analytical psychology changed your life,
whether through your reading,
understanding your dreams,
undertaking a Jungian analysis, or
in the people you met and programmes you attended.

Your gifts and bequest
touch the future
by making it possible for others yet to come
to share with you in
the process of individuation.

Thank you for your help!!